Tuesday, September 30, 2008

David and Lisa Beckwith Volunteer

In addition to providing economic support the Bolivia Project also was able to hookup our partner organizations with a couple volunteers. David and Lisa Beckwith volunteered in Bolivia for 5 weeks this past fall and provided support by updating CEDESOL’s webpage, making a recipe book for use with solar cookers, and helping Ruth and Dave through the day to day struggles of running a nonprofit business in a country where “nothing is for sure, and anything is possible.”

Read more about their time in Bolivia and help with an Orphanage in Cochabamba by clicking here. Unfortunately no major solar cooker deliveries were made during David and Lisa’s visit in August partially due to political turmoil despite the fact that Sobre La Roca was averaging 2 large deliveries per month up until their visit. Thanks David and Lisa for your time and support!!